Whether you are building a new club, want to improve your bottom line, or looking for ways to maximize your marketing budget, Inshape Fitness Solutions will provide the support you need to start or grow your business successfully.


Club Development and Start-Up

Inshape Fitness provides start-up entrepreneurs with the know-how they need to make their dreams become profitable realities. We work with developers who are thinking about or in the process of building new clubs ranging in size from small studios to large, multipurpose facilities. We provide a range of development services including conducting feasibility studies, creating financial plans and models, producing business plans, supplying proactive guidance, and ensuring your club has the start-up systems, staff and fitness equipment and programming you’ll need to launch your new venture successfully.


Improve Current Business

Our over 10 years of operations and management experience in business and the club industry provide the foundation from which we help club operators increase revenues, control expenses and improve overall results. Our expertise includes operations, financial planning and analysis, goal setting and reporting, fitness programming, profit center development and enhancement, sales, marketing, member retention, human resources and organizational development. With services that range from solving specific business dilemmas, enhancing organizational capacity and capabilities and providing clubs with management and oversight for the short and long-term, we can help your club reach its full potential.


Internet Marketing & Website Design

We’re living in the information and technology age, and the internet has become the fitness industry’s dominant tool used to generate new members and market club programs and services. Mastering internet marketing strategies is now a primary determinant in building a club’s business. In most markets, independent clubs can win the internet war with minimal effort and investment and can compete head to head with the bigger clubs and chains in the industry. With minimal effort and investment, Inshape Fitness works to transform your website and internet presence, thus supporting your efforts to maximize marketing cost, grow revenues and improve profits.